Analysis of internal and external links on each web page for internal link score management.

Tab Inlinks

The “Inlinks” tab contains the complete list of internal links (internal links) pointing to the analyzed URL. This tab is also populated after selecting one or more URLs from the upper window of the Seo Spider.

  • Type: corresponds to the type of URL scanned (Hyperlinks -hyperlink, JavaScript, CSS, image, etc.).
  • From: identifies the URL of the referring page of a link…
  • To: identifies the destination of the link in the “From” column and corresponds to the url selected in the upper window.
  • Anchor Text: reports the text of the anchor or link used, if any.
  • Alt Text: if present reports the alt attribute.
  • Follow: responds in a Boolean manner by returning ‘True’ if the link is ‘follow’ or ‘False’ if the link contains a ‘nofollow’, ‘UGC’ or ‘sponsored’ attribute.
  • Target: identifies associated target attributes  such as _blank, _self, _parent.
  • Rel: identifies the attributes of the “Follow” column by returning the justification ‘nofollow’, ‘sponsored’ or ‘ugc’.
  • Path Type: defines whether the link is absolute, protocol-related, root-related, or path-related.
  • Link Path:  shows the XPath of the element by detailing the location of the link within the page.
  • Link Position: returns the position of the link in the html code (Head, Nav, Footer etc.) facilitating possible checks and optimizations.


This tab contains a list of links that have the url selected in the upper window as their source and point to other pages on the Web site or to other external subdomains.

The columns in the tab follow the same logic as in the “Inlinks” tab with the only exception between “from” and “to” which have inverted values.

Seo Spider Tab