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Screaming Frog news and bug fixes in the Lionesses version of Seo Spider


Lionesses: all the news

Not even time to place the umbrella and put the towel on the beach chair that I note with pleasure that Dan Sharp and his gang have released the new version of Screaming Frog n. 17 called “Lionesses” which at first glance looks very interesting indeed.

Let’s see together what the Seo spider improvements were and what are the best practices for their use.

Tab Issue

The first new feature involves a new tab called “Issue” that contains all the details of the most relevant problems, warnings, and opportunities encountered by the Seo Spider during scanning. A real revolution in my opinion that expands the functionality of the “Overview” sidebar to give a more immediate and intuitive view of the health of one’s online project. Through this tab you will be able to highlight the most impactful critical issues and, thanks to the multi-language explanations that will be present at the bottom of the Seo Spider identify, without any problems, the degree of priority to be assigned for each individual Seo On-page optimization.

You can also export all this valuable information in bulk via “Bulk Export” > Issue > All.

One of the most interesting features of this new board is its versatility, which is also best expressed in “Crawl Comparison” by allowing you to identify the most significant progress of different scans.

As Dan Sharp and his staff have pointed out this sheet is only a summary of the macro areas to be analyzed but represents only the tip of the iceberg in a Seo optimization perspective. The Seo Spider allows very in-depth analysis, and this new Screaming Frog opportunity should be seen as if it were the table of contents of a book with the different chapters still to be read, analyzed to define the correct optimization strategies and really increase the value of one’s website.

Links Tab

As you may know, internal linking, and link management in general, is a very important factor in Ranking and allows Google to better understand what the structure of the website is by defining its navigability. To help you identify the most relevant link-related issues, such as pages with high crawl-depth or pages with no external outlinks, those with “no follow” tags or that have unoptimized “anchor text,” the Seo Spider has introduced a new dedicated tab that I think is very useful to better delve into the website’s navigability and its potential critical issues.

This tab also allows for customizations in filters through the Config > Spider > Preferences menu items. In this way, depending on the project to be analyzed you will be able to best customize your analysis.

You can also export all the data with the “Bulk Export” function > Link.

New Scanning Limits

The third new feature concerns the customization of scan limits. The Seo Spider has increased its versatility by allowing users to control the number of URLs crawled based on their path to improve crawl control and template type sampling.

Under ‘Config > Spider > Limits’ there is now “Limit by URL Path” configuration available to enter a list of URL templates and the maximum number of pages to be crawled for each.

In the above example, a maximum of 1,000 product URLs will be crawled, a sufficient sample to make smarter decisions and not waste time and memory.

You will also be able to “Limit URLs by crawling depth” to improve sampling in certain scenarios based on your project under analysis.

URL Inspector API

The fourth feature in version 17 of Screaming Frog relates to the search console API and bypasses the 2000 queries per day restriction imposed by Google.

This function allows you to use several verified properties in GSC and thus have 2K queries per single property.

Therefore, in the configuration of the URL inspection API (“Configuration > API Access > GSC > URL Inspection”) you will have the opportunity to select the use of “multiple properties” in a single crawl. The SEO Spider will automatically detect all relevant properties of the account and use the most specific property to query the URL data.

Apple Silicon Version & RPM Fedora

From the new release you will have a native Apple Silicon version for Mac M1/2 users and an RPM for Fedora Linux users that significantly improve the performance of the seo spider in terms of loading crawl and latency.

Detachable Tabs

One last innovation concerns the UX of the Seo spider, which from the Lionesses version will allow you to make individual tabs autonomous for even smoother analysis.

You will simply right-click and choose “Detach” on any tab from the main user interface to move it to your preferred location and allow simultaneous views of the data according to your needs.

Lionesses Video Version


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