Crawl Profiles

How to use custom profiles and customise crawls with Screaming Frog

Custom profiles

Screaming Frog is a very powerful yet versatile Seo Spider that allows considerable customizations to be fielded during daily Seo Audits.
One of the most underrated features is the customization of “Crawl Profiles,” which allows even advanced configurations to be resumed in a few clicks for increasingly granular and relevant crawls.

In fact, in the licensed version of the tool it is possible to save a default configuration for analysis, and save configuration profiles that can be loaded when needed.

Saving a “Crawl Profile”

Screaming Frog allows various options for using “Crawl Profiles.”

  1. To save the current configuration as default it will be sufficient to select “Configuration > Profiles > Save current configuration as default.” In this way, the last configuration will remain in Seo Spider’s memory and will also be available when the tool is re-started.
  2. To save the configuration profile instead so that you can load it in the future, simply click on “Configuration > Profiles > Save as” and change the file name. This action will save a configuration file on your computer but it will not be used by default when you start Seo Spider again (there will be the “default” config.). To take advantage of this specific profile it will be necessary to upload it when needed.

Uploading a “Profile”

To upload a configuration profile you will need to click on “Configuration > Profiles > Upload” and choose your configuration profile, or select it on “Configuration > Profiles > Recent Upload” from a recent list.

To restore the original default configuration of the SEO Spider, all you need to do is select “Configuration > Profiles > Delete Default Configuration.”

Custom Profiles: Applications

The applications of custom profiles can be endless, but among the most common with Screaming Frog I want to point out:

  • User Agent: we use different scanning configurations based on the user agent for a more comprehensive view. I recommend creating profiles with user agent “Screaming Frog Seo Spider,” “GoogleBot,” “GoogleBot for smartphones,” and Chrome.”
  • Text Only/Js: use of two separate configurations between “Text only” and “Rendering Js” scans to discover any “bottlenecks” in crawls.
  • Custom Search/Extraction: creating different profiles based on specific HTML scraping (social tags, GTM or GA4 presence, all H2s on the page etc.)
  • Preliminary Analysis: profiles involving reduced feature extractions for very lean and fast scans to be used as pre-analysis.

Obviously these applications are the ones I personally use most often but this is meant to be just an example and depending on your needs you will create more or less detailed profiles.

The advice is to invest time in creating a plan for measuring standard analysis goals and customized “scan profiles” to be saved and resumed whenever necessary. Good initial work will save you a lot of time in your daily SEO work.

Custom Profiles: Tips

The use of Custom Profiles is one of the most significant activities especially during very hot periods where one project follows the other relentlessly and even one minute saved means less stress on the Audit delivery. My advice, as mentioned earlier, is to create a “measurement plan” of crawl goals and systematically use scheduled scans that allow you to choose the “crawl profile” to be used, during the setup phase. This way you will have all the work already packed on your desk and keeping to the schedule will be much easier!

Custom Profiles


*The video was recorded in verisone 18!

Remember that since version 19 of Seo Spider, Profiles can be found from Configuration > Profiles.

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