Link Score

Analyses the page rank of each page of your website with Screaming Frog's Link Score

Identify Link Score

Google’s Page Rank represented a ranking index used by the Search Engine to define a ranking of importance of web pages based on the quality and quantity of incoming links. By now, this indicator should be considered outdated but still remains valid as a reference when considering the internal linking architecture of a site.

Screaming Frog introduced, from version 10 the “Link Score,” an internal PageRank calculation on a logarithmic scale from 0 to 100 points to rank the importance of each individual page. In summary, pages that receive more links are considered more important (with higher PageRank) than those with fewer links.

The Seo Spider performs Link Score calculations at the end of the crawl through the “Crawl Analysis” which must be enabled from the configurations menu.

How Link Score works

The first step of the Link Score algorithm is to identify the subset of URLs from the crawl that are eligible to be part of it and meet the following criteria:

  • Are internal links within the subdomain.
  • They are not redirects.
  • They are not canonicalized URLs.

They present links with “AHREF” attribute or are the destination of a redirect or canonical.

Having identified the eligible URLs for the creation of this ranking, each is assigned an initial score of 1/n where n corresponds to the number of eligible URLs.

In a second step, the link score is passed between URLs based on their link relationships according to the following scheme:

Link Score = ((1 – D) / n) + (D * total link score from in links)

Where n is the number of eligible URLs and D is the “damping” coefficient. The “damping” coefficient controls the amount of Link Score between URLs. The Seo Spider uses the commonly accepted value of 0.85 for this calculation.

Not all links are considered for Link Score. Only the following types of links are considered:

  • AHREF.
  • Canonical (HTTP/HTML).
  • Redirect (HTTP/Java Script/Meta Refresh/HSTS).

To compete for the Link Score award, links must also be:

  • Not self-referenced (A URL cannot earn Link Score by linking to itself).
  • Unique (multiple links from URL A to URL B are ignored).
  • They should not have the rel=’nofollow’ attribute.

Please note: Link Score bypasses the redirected or canonized URL to its target URL.
For example, if URL A redirects to URL B, all links to URL A are considered to be inlinks of URL B.

Link Score Video Tutorial

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