Redirect Seo Audit

How to analyse redirects with Screaming Frog and avoid loss of Crawling Budget and Redirect Chain.

Redirect Seo Audit

The 3xx response code identifies redirects which is a very important factor to manage in optimizing a website to safeguard the Search Engine Crawling Budget.

Through Screaming Frog you are able to assess the status code (whether a 301, 302, 303, etc.), the status (permanent or temporary), the destination of the redirect, and whether any redirect chains or loops are present.

To analyze Redirects with Seo Spider you can follow two ways:

  • Crawl A Site To Check Redirects: scanning the entire site.
  • Upload a List of URLs to Check Redirects: adding in “List” mode a list of URLs on which you want to check for redirects.
  • 1. Crawl A Site To Check Redirects

The first action to take is to scan your subdomain in “Spider” mode.

  • 2. Consultation scan results Redirect

To examine the data you simply click on the “Response Code” tab and set the filter ‘Redirection (3XX)’.

In the first column will be the URLs with redirects, in the next ones you will find details about the type of redirect (301,302 etc.) and the destination page (column “redirect URL”).

In the “Redirect URL” column you have available only the final destination of the redirect but you will need to supplement this data with the “Redirect Chain” report that allows you to see whether or not there are any redirect chains or intermediate loops.

To optimize your redirects you can consult the “Inlinks” tab. You simply click on a URL in the top window and then on the “Inlinks” tab to populate it.

From the Inlinks tab you can view the page where redirects were found (“From” column), the destination page (“To” column) and more details with respect to “follow/No follow” attributes etc.

  • 3. Export of collected data

Having consolidated the data you are able to export the “redirection 3xx Inlinks” report.

  • 4.Upload a List of URLs to Check Redirects

The second option for controlling and managing redirects involves using the “list” mode of the Seo Spider by manually adding or copying a defined list of URLs.

Again, as in the previous case, the process remains the same.

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