The advanced details of URLs for a more thorough and advanced analysis.

Lower Tab
URL Details

The “Url Details” tab is present in the lower window of the Seo Spider and is populated the moment you highlight one or more URLs in the upper screen. This tab allows you a comprehensive overview of the analyzed Url and captures a selection of items from the “Internal” tab including:

  • URL: identifies the selected Url.
  • Status Code: the server response of the selected Url.
  • Status: the response of the HTTP header.
  • Content: shows the content type of the URL.
  • Size: collects the size of the file or web page scanned.
  • Crawl Depth: identifies the depth of the page under consideration at its distance in click order from the homepage or home page.
  • Inlinks: total number of inlinks internal to the URL.
  • Outlinks: number of internal outlinks from the URL.
Seo Spider Tab