Screaming Frog – 19 Peel version

Peel the new version 19.0 of Screaming Frog, discover the upgrades and bug fixes.

Version 19.0 Peel

Just released the new verisone 19.0 of Screaming Frog SEO Spider internally called “Peel”.
This update contains several significant upgrades, new features, and improvements based on user feedback.

Design Update

Small GUI update with new filter for choosing scan type: subdomain, subfolder, all subdomains, moved to main navigation bar for ease of use.

Improved Ux

The main configuration (“Crawl Config”) has been unified into a single dialog box, with links to each section. This makes the configuration of the Seo Audit more efficient than opening and closing each tab separately.

Functions such as “saving” and “loading profiles” configuration have also been included in this new dialog box, as opposed to in the “File” menu where they were previously present.

System settings such as user interface, language, storage mode and more are instead available under ‘File > Settings’ on Windows and Linux or ‘Screaming Frog SEO Spider > Settings’ on macOS.


From this version, it is also possible to segment a scan to better identify and monitor problems and opportunities from different templates, page types, or priority areas.

The segmentation configuration is accessible via the configuration menu or the “Segments” tab on the right and allows you to divide into segments based on any data found in the scan, including data from APIs such as GA or GSC, or post-scan analysis.

A segment can be set at the beginning, during or at the end of a scan.

When segments are set up, a segment bar is included in the “Issue” tab on the right sidebar, so you can quickly see where on the site the problems and critical issues are at a glance.

You can then use the right-hand segment filter to view individual segments in detail.

There is a new “Segments” tab on the right with an aggregated view, so you can quickly see where the problems are by segment.

You can use the “View” filter on the Segments tab to better analyze items such as scan depth per segment.

Or which segments have different types of errors.

The “segments” feature is integrated into various other features of Seo Spider, for example in the “crawl visualization” you can choose the color of the segment.

You can also choose to create XML sitemaps by segment, and the SEO Spider will automatically create a “Sitemap Index” file that references each segmented sitemap.

Within the export for Looker Studio for automated scan reports, a separate sheet will also be automatically created for each segment created. This means that you can track problems by segment in a Looker Studio scan report as well.

Visual Custom Extraction

“Custom Extraction” is a super powerful feature found in SEO Spider, but it is also a rather advanced feature, and many users may struggle with using XPath or CSSPath.

To facilitate this, from version 19.0 you will be able to open a web page in your built-in browser and select the elements you wish to extract from the web page, Raw HTML or rendered HTML. The Seo Spider will formulate the correct XPath/CSSPath for you and also provide a range of other options.

Simply click on the Web page icon on the side of an extractor to view the navigation.

Enter the URL you wish to retrieve, then select the item on the page. The SEO Spider will then highlight the area you wish to extract and create an expression for you, with a preview of what will be extracted based on the raw or rendered HTML.

You can switch to the Rendering or Source HTML view and also choose a line of HTML. For example, if you wish to extract the “content” of an OG tag:

You can then select the attribute you wish to extract from the drop-down menu and Screaming Frog will formulate the expression for you.

In this case given below, the publication time will be retrieved, which is shown in the source and displayed in the HTML previews after selecting the “content” attribute.

On the other hand, if you have mastered XPath, CSSPath, and regex, you can continue to enter your expressions in the same way as before.

At the moment this new feature does not help with JS extraction, but The Screaming Frog staff plans to extend this feature to help derive anything from HTML.

Seo Spider Ver. 19.0

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